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Honorary Diploma


Purpose: To acknowledge and celebrate individuals who are part of the GHS community who are not GHS graduates, but whose extraordinary achievements or support GHS traditions represent the character and spirit of a legendary Red Elephant. 


Criteria for Selection of honorees:

  • Candidates for an honorary diploma must be living and able to accept the diploma at GHS’ graduation ceremony.

  • Candidates may have attended but must not have graduated from Gainesville High School,  EE Butler High or Fair Street High.

  • Gainesville City School System faculty, staff or board members will not be eligible for nomination until three years after active service has ended. 

  • Honorees will be clearly aligned with the mission of GHS and will fulfill one or more of the following:

  • An individual who has made a notable contribution of time, talents or resources to GHS.

  • An individual who inspires and encourages current and past GHS Students

  • A community member who achieves state or national prominence 

  • A Member of the Gainesville business, civic, health, education, or philanthropic community that makes a significant contribution to the local community.

  • A non- community member with direct ties to GHS who achieves state or national prominence. 


General Guidelines: 

  • The selection committee will be the GHS Governance Council and/ or the honorees from the previous years, depending upon the Councils Needs. 

  • Nominations may be made by any GHS student, Alumni, past or present employee, and past or present members of GCSS School Board or GHS Governance Council.

  • None or up to four honorary diplomas will be conferred in any given year, but the GHS Governance Council.

  • None or up to four Honorary diplomas will be conferred in any given year, but the GHS Governance Council may make exceptions. 

  • Nominees not selected from one year may be considered in future years. 

  • Nomination forms will be available on the schools website.

  • The deadline to receive completed nomination forms is April 2, 2021.

  • The GHS Governing Council will decide and notify Honoree by May 1.

  • The Honoree’s name(s) will be announced prior to Graduation.

  • Honorary Diplomas will be presented annually during the GHS commencement ceremony (May 2023), and the Honoree will wear cap and gown to publicly receive his or her diploma. 


Send your application to Principal jamie green: