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Young Georgia Authors Winners

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition.

The purpose of the Young Georgia Authors (YGA) writing competition is to encourage students to develop enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing, to provide a context to celebrate their writing successes, and to recognize student achievement in arts and academics.This prestigious competition has been engaging Georgia students for more than two decades and is open to any student currently enrolled in Georgia public schools, grades K -12. The competition is sponsored by the Georgia Language Arts Supervisors (GLAS) and the Georgia RESA Network with support from the Georgia Department of Education.

2022 Gainesville Youth GA Art System Winners

  • Mae Bruner (Kindergarten - Enota MI Academy)
  • Deborah Molina Escobar (First Grade - New Holland Knowledge Academy)
  • Ava Burnette (Second Grade - Enota MI Academy)
  • Anjnee Pate (Third Grade - Centennial Arts Academy)
  • Virginia Munn (Fourth Grade - Enota MI Academy)
  • Magloire Siadonov (Fifth Grade - New Holland Knowledge Academy)

A special congratulations to Region Winner, Ava Burnette!

Ava Burnette
Enota MI Academy
2nd Grade

                                          “Never Let A Dragon Speak”

So, I got a pet dragon for my birthday, Oh boy that was a huge mistake to ask for one. If you tell your pet
 dragon what your favorite color is, he’ll turn that color! If you tell him your favorite food he’ll run 
downstairs and eats it. Worst of all if you tell him a seacret than he’ll tell all his enchanted friends.
 Now mermaids, unicorns, dragons, kittycorns KNOW ALL MY deepest darkest seacrets. Before I knew it, it was 
bedtime. NO not bed time said my dragon there monsters under my bed. I slapped my forehead. Then as he screamed
 there was fire everywhere! Oh my bed his bed EVERYWHERE I tell you! Mama was coming up to tuck me in! I ran out 
Mama! I shouted don’t go in there! Why? She asked. When you yelled bedtime it scared my dragon and oh boy he 
screamed out fire! She walked in my room. She turned to me and said theres no fire just your stuffed dragon on 
your bed. Then she tucked me in. The End