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Operations & Maintenance

"If we don't have time to do it right the first time, when will we have time to re-do it?"

Maintenance Department Mission

Our task is to maintain a standard of excellence in all of our facilities, and to operate on a level that we inspire, nurture, and prepare for a bright future.

We believe that every task we preform enhances the learning process, thus we are a very integral part of the process.

We believe in investing in our people, the better trained, informed and equipped we are, the more efficient we become (our people are our greatest commodity).

We believe in producing or securing the best product possible. If we get the best tools and material, we can achieve the desired result.

We believe in the process! We believe in the way, the why, and the when of everything we do, every work order we complete has a ripple effect.

We believe that every task we undertake is the most important task we undertake!

Maintenance Team Members

David Presnell

David Presnell

Maintenance Director
Tim Watson

Tim Watson

Maintenance Supervisor


Adrian Niles

Chief Operations Officer


Contact Information

  • Telephone: (770) 536-8312
  • Telephone: (770) 287-2008