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Non-Resident Tuition Enrollment

Welcome to Gainesville City School System

We are glad you are joining our growing family.
Gainesville City School System has a centralized registration process and does not register students at individual schools. Registration is available online.

Please reference the process below regarding enrolling in Gainesville City School System as a non-resident student. We offer enrollment by tuition using an application process.


Out-of-District Application Information (Tuition Enrollment)

  1. Complete the Non-resident Tuition Application below and submit to Brenda Robles at Gainesville City School district office.
  2. If the Tuition Application is approved, the Finance Department will communicate with the family regarding tuition payment.

Admission and continued enrollment in the Gainesville City School System is based on the following:

  • Above average grades and standardized test scores, 
  • History of good behavior, 
  • Good attendance fewer than six unexcused absences and tardies per year), 
  • Timely payment of tuition following the scheduled payment dates listed above. Failure to remit payment will result in withdrawal of student. 
  • Parent maintains a cooperative partnership with the school and district. 
  • Student can be accommodated by current instructional program services that will meet the educational, physical, and emotional needs of the student within the district’s capacity without placing undue financial burden on the school system. 
  • No student will be admitted or continue enrollment who has had out-of-school suspensions, tribunals, arrests, or criminal records. 
  • Students are subject to suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. The Enrollment Contract may be revoked, and the student dismissed or expelled in accordance with any and all Gainesville City School System policies or regulations. (Policy JBCB) 
  • The Gainesville City Schools Board of Education reserves the right to establish enrollment limits in all grades, classes, and/or programs. Therefore, there must be spaces available within the established cap amount for each grade level. 
  • Priority for classroom space will be provided to all City of Gainesville resident students first. 
  • If, after the tuition contract of agreement has been signed and approved, it is discovered that the information provided by the parent/guardian was not accurate, it is grounds for immediate withdrawal of the student.
Number of Children Tuition Deadline
1 Child $800.00 Pay in full by 7/1 or 2 installments of $500.00 by 7/1 & 11/1
2 Children $800.00,
$700.00 x 1 =$1500
Pay in full by 7/1 or 2 installments of $850.00 by 7/1 & 11/1
3 Children $800.00,
$700.00 x 2 = $2200
Pay in full by 7/1 or 2 installments of $1200.00 by 7/1 & 11/1
4 Children $800.00,
$700.00 x 3 = $2900
Pay in full by 7/1 or 2 installments of $1550.00 by 7/1 & 11/1
5 Children $800.00,
$700.00 x 4 = $3600
Pay in full by 7/1 or 2 installments of $1900.00 by 7/1 & 11/1



Team Members

Donna Allen
Director of Student Affairs

Paula Uscanga Macedo
Migrant Program Liaison

Brenda Robles
Registration Enrollment Specialist

Telephone: (770) 536-5275 x 5138
Fax: (770) 287-2019

School Registrar Contact Information

Contact the district enrollment management team or your school with a registration question.